If we could show you how to increase your earnings with around a 10% increase in milk yield and fertility by 5% giving you a positive cash flow from Year 1, would you give us an hour of your time?

Watch the video below to see how simple and effective, our LiteLife system can really be:


Andrew Evans, a dairy farmer from Dungiven, Northern Ireland, with a herd of 200 cows installed our system. Andrew’s milk yield is up 10% plus his herd’s fertility improved from an average of 422 days to 399 days. He increased his herd to 230 cows within a year by culling 30 less cows.

When I heard about this system I was initially sceptical, but after some discussion and research I decided to install it. My milk yield went up 5-7% within the first three months. Fertility monitoring, by Dr Dan Ryan, a leading fertility expert, showed an improvement with the average days between calving falling from 422 to 399 days. By the end of the first year I had culled 30 less cows increasing my herd size to 230.

I have expanded the system across two further sheds and highly recommend this system.
Andrew Evans
Farmer / Dungiven

LiteLife™ delivers a return on investment within a year with increased earnings for years to come.

The benefits of “Photoperiod Management” in dairy herds are well known (and have been the subject of formal academic research). On other systems, high local energy costs mean a longer payback. LiteLife™ guarantees greater than a 5% milk yield improvement and with high-quality LEDs as a central part of the solution, paybacks on the project investment are much shorter. However, this is only part of the story.

Your herd fertility improves – the average length of time between calves for your herd as a whole will reduce by 5%. Your bottom line will be dramatically improved by generating an extra lactation cycle from your herd – the long-term benefits are staggering…

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